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DMALINK ® secures key strategic partnership with COMO Digital Life

[July 26th 2023] – DMALINK, a leading data-centric ECN for professional Foreign Exchange traders, and COMO Digital Life, a global financial infrastructure provider, are delighted to announce a key strategic partnership aimed at addressing the unmet needs of fast-growth innovative technology companies. This collaboration combines the expertise of COMO Digital Life in cross-border payments and the FX proficiency of DMALINK, enabling the provision of a comprehensive offering tailored to this demographic of clients. Based in Luxembourg, COMO Digital Life delivers with its cross-border multi-currency IBAN accounts with 24+ currency service offerings for platforms, marketplaces, corporates, payment service providers (PSPs), and FinTech's. By leveraging COMO Digital Life's extensive expertise in cross-border payments, DMALINK can now help support fast-growth innovative technology companies with streamlined and cost-effective exchange solutions for their international transactions. COMO Digital Life 's suite of services ensures that businesses can seamlessly manage their global financial operations. DMALINK's renowned proficiency in FX trading perfectly complements COMO Digital Life's cross- border payment capabilities. This partnership enables the offering of a comprehensive solution that encompasses both efficient FX trading and seamless cross-border transactions, empowering fast- growth innovative technology companies to navigate the global markets with ease. Through this collaboration, DMALINK and COMO Digital Life intend to drive forward digitisation initiatives and enhance risk management workflows. They will actively engage with clients to understand their evolving needs, offering value-added services such as automation, service integration through APIs, and efficient execution processes. Both organizations recognize the importance of digital innovation in transforming inefficient payment systems. The partnership will seek to disrupt the status quo by introducing DMALink’s cutting-edge execution platform to bring greater efficiency, transparency, and accessibility to electronic FX. Moreover, DMALINK and COMO Digital Life are actively collaborating on the development of additional products and services to further cater to the specific needs of this client demographic. Their shared synergies extend to various areas of innovation, including digital assets, ensuring that clients can leverage cutting-edge solutions that adapt to the evolving financial landscape. "We are excited to partner with COMO Digital Life to address the unique needs of fast-growth innovative technology companies," stated Manu Choudhary, CEO of DMALINK. "By combining our FX expertise with COMO Digital Life's cross-border payment capabilities, we aim to provide a comprehensive offering that empowers technology firms to thrive in the global marketplace." Angela Nickel, CEO of COMO Group, added, "Through our collaboration with DMALINK, we are dedicated to delivering tailored financial solutions that enable our clients’ digital journey and simplify the world of payments. By leveraging our cross-border payment service offerings alongside with DMALINK's e-trading and RegTech infrastructure we can support our clients in their global expansion efforts."

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Media Room, DMALINK Tel: +44 (0) 20 7117 2517

About COMO

COMO Digital Life offers a complete suite of B2B financial services, pairing payments and banking (COMO World, COMO Synchro, and iBAN-X by COMO) allowing platforms, marketplaces, corporates, and governments to centralize their payments and banking transaction needs on an all-in-one fully cloud- based embedded financial services platform and infrastructure. This unique approach means COMO offers their clients the flexibility they need to meet the evolving needs of their user base – without the barriers of regulatory complexity, lengthy product development, or bank restrictions.

COMO offers multi-currency IBAN accounts with 24+ currencies, a fully automated solution for all account receivable & payable issues for businesses of any complexity, and a gateway infrastructure that accepts, process, reconciles, and settle automatically payments while also beating fraud.

We simplify the world’s payments...and more!

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DMALINK is an independent electronic trading, analytics and market data venue for institutional FX traders

globally. All liquidity pools are proactively constructed across key emerging markets. Its platform participants benefit from advanced order analytics data and granular reporting and benchmarked execution services, ensuring price transparency for all platform participants.

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About DeFinity MARKETS

DeFinity operates an institutional digital asset ECN for Cryptocurrencies and wholesale Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). In addition to supporting decentralised financial services for FX clearing, DeFinity is a layer-2 protocol with a focus on interoperability, utilising existing blockchain frameworks such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

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