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Sustainable FX Liquidity

Liquidity Management


There are many aspects to consider when choosing an FX trading venue. DMALINK employs latest technology, FX purpose-build hardware and innovative liquidity aggregation methods to meet dynamic client demands.

We consider many factors, including liquidity provisioning, credit utilisation, clearing, price source and direct market access methods.

Factors to consider when selecting liquidity

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Flow-to-liquidity match

Access to a sustainable liquidity pool supporting client flow


Take advantage of an aggregated liquidity pool comprising of single-bank and non-bank feeds without incurring any up-front capital expenditure in building an in-house aggregator while achieving the optimal liquidity position sought.

Credit availability and utilisation

Minimising capital requirements while optimising credit utilisation


Market makers often require that clients deposit funds or provide asset collateral in order to access direct liquidity. DMALINK uses a Prime-to-Prime model where clients leverage credit lines from existing PB relationships thus allowing clients to maximise ROI through more effective use of deposited capital.

Market footprint and anonymity

Trading at minimal market impact keeping strategies confidential


The choice of an execution venue where complex strategies can be deployed using a variety of order types to minimise market impact is as crucial as maintaining the competitive edge of alpha-generating models within an anonymous environment.

Speed of execution

Achieving superior results across certain strategies depend on speed of execution


Ultra-low latency matching and response times tailored to client requirements provide maximum flexibility to execute across a range of strategies eliminating the potentially negative impact of trading across multiple venues.

Cost of execution

Cost can be a barrier to success when not controlled and when exceedingly above budget


Benefiting from a highly competitive offering with zero technology fees, zero monthly minimums, and the flexibility to be invoiced on a per million traded basis or to receive all-in liquidity, clients can focus on maximising revenue while DMALINK strives to deliver the needed proportion of execution speed, pricing, market depth and trade acceptance ratio.

Flexibility and scalability

Quick and sustainable adaptation to dynamic market conditions and client demand


Streaming CLS and non-CLS currency pairs via API FIX 4.4 and GUI to cater to a wide audience, and with the objective to be a partner-driven trading venue DMALINK spends considerable resources in proactively sourcing and optimising liquidity to meet client requirements.

Partner Relationship

A long-term provider seeking mutual benefits


Relationships are key to Foreign Exchange and DMALINK recognises that each and every counterparty is equally important in achieving and maintaining success through favourable as well as unfavourable market conditions.

Risk Management

Execute at minimal counterparty, settlement, and operational risk


A highly reputable and strong clearing party faces established Prime Brokers to deliver a low risk environment thereby inducing market makers to deliver more aggressive pricing so clients can trade larger amounts, while DMALINK strives to match the right liquidity to the flow for the continuous success of all parties.

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