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Sustainable Foreign Exchange Liquidity


With latest trading volumes of $6.6 trillion per day, FX is the most liquid market, offering significant opportunities. It is increasingly accepted as being an asset class in its own right.

DMALINK’s sustainable Foreign Exchange liquidity streamed by means of a GUI and API setup is specifically designed to deliver optimal results to institutional market participants.

When choosing a liquidity and technology partner many factors should be taken into consideration, including:

:: Fill rates
:: Spreads
:: Slippage
:: Transaction costs
:: Scalability
:: Transparency
:: Relationship

 DMALINK is a client and partner-driven trading venue designed by market experts to deliver:

:: Client-tailored pricing
:: Anonymous execution
:: Sustainable liquidity
:: Ultra-low latency connectivity and infrastructure
:: Low-risk central clearing and settlement
:: Dedicated support
:: Long-term partnership


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