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Trading Technology



DMALINK offers a reliable and scalable solution keeping in mind the specific requirements of each client.

In doing so, we employ proven technology, leverage relationships with leading counterparties and liquidity providers, and draw on our own talent. Our technology offering comprises of many dynamic instances. On this page we have prepared a summary of the technological offering and its benefits to our clients.

Achieving Technological Advantage

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Proven Technology

State-of-the-art platform for high performance execution


The DMALINK core system utilises optimised code running on FX purpose built, high-end servers recycled every two years, and other firewall and connectivity hardware to deliver optimal performance even during periods of high market volatility.

Ultra-low latency connectivity

The quality of connectivity to deliver pricing with the shortest possible delay


DMALINK's full matching capabilities hosted in Equinix NY4 cross-connected to tier-1 market makers and clients alike maintain latency strictly to negligible levels, thereby delivering the speed advantage when required.

Cost of ownership

Achieving a client-tailored liquidity pool within days without any capital expenditure


Building and hosting an aggregator and matching engine with the relevant risk management and transaction cost analysis tools require a significant investment of time, effort and funding.


DMALINK offers turn-key trading solutions driving suitable and sustainable liquidity, thus eliminating the need for in-house management.

Reliability and scalability

Technology, liquidity and relationships to sustaining short and long term client objectives


Clients varying priorities within their immediate, their long term goals and objectives are fully supported by DMALINK's flexibility, high-end infrastructure and connectivity to meet ever-rising demands within a dynamic marketplace.


This motivation creates a mutually beneficial trading venue with a difference clients can count on now and in the future.

Risk Management

Minimal risk driven by proven technology and leading risk management tools


Employing resilient systems and connectivity to ensure maximum availability of all systems and unhampered delivery of liquidity and execution during global FX hours, DMALINK strives to reduce operational and technology risk exposure at all times.

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