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DMALINK® cooperates with the Financial Markets Association Russia

LONDON, Oct. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- DMALINK, the EM-focused institutional FX ECN is proud to collaborate closely with the Financial Markets Association Russia (ACI).

Today, the trading venue affirmed its commitment to the Russian market, enabling firms globally to transact Russian Ruble (RUB) efficiently using our central clearing model powered by a network of Tier 1 Prime Brokers.

ACI's foreign exchange and money market focus around mutual understanding and education based on professional ethics, dialogue with regulators, underpinned by the FX global code provides tangible benefits to our clients globally.

Michael Siwek, Founding Partner and Global Head of Sales at DMALINK, said: "The ACI's drive to strengthen international relations is in line with our approach to connecting counterparties on the platform, especially in emerging markets. We look forward to working closely with ACI Russia and local national associations."

Sergey Romanchuk, President of ACI Russia, commented: "We are happy to see DMALINK as one of the new sponsors of our traditional ACI Russia eFX Summit events, as this allows them to address the audience looking to find new technology solutions and FX market developments."

Manu Choudhary, CEO at DMALINK, stated: "Through our emphasis on pre-trade credit checks in close collaboration with technology vendors such as Traiana's Creditlink and our central clearing relationship, we can facilitate a wide range of credit arrangements in Russia and the emerging markets, to the benefit of our clients and liquidity providers."

"ACI FMA would like to welcome DMALINK as a new sponsor, not just for upcoming eFX Summit events in Russia, but also for future ACI events in other ACI FMA regions. We look forward to a good cooperation" concluded Kim Winding Larsen, ACI FMA President.

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About DMALINK DMALINK is a data-centric ECN for professional Foreign Exchange traders streaming anonymous and bilateral, proactively tailored, and sustainable pricing with particular focus on Emerging Markets, Scandie crosses and CE3. We serve industry leaders, including Banks, Funds, Corporates, and Proprietary Trading Firms that have a particular demand for sustainable liquidity access across non-G-7 pairs.

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About ACI Financial Markets Association

ACI Financial Markets Association (ACI FMA) is a leading global trade association representing the interests of the professional wholesale financial markets community. Established in 1955, ACI FMA is focused on enhancing best market practices and supporting market participants to adhere to principles of ethical conduct.

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