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DMALINK Signs UK Prime Brokerage as Central Clearer

DMALINK has expertise in particular in certain currencies which are often hard to source.

DMALINK eFX trading, RegTech

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – September 9, 2020 DMALINK, one of the last exchange-independent ECNs offering access to institutional Emerging Markets FX pricing, clears an important milestone. The firm, drawing from deep analytics to drive optimised execution, today announced that an award-winning London based Tier 1 Prime Broker will provide clearing facilities to its platform participants globally. DMALINK’s decision to add the PB enables its users to sustainably leverage a wide-reaching ecosystem to connect to a variety of participants throughout the EU, Americas and APAC regions and to access deep currency and bullion pricing. DMALINK operates platforms in New York and London, with plans to launch in Asia very soon. Michael Siwek, Founding Partner and Global Head of Sales at DMALINK, said: "The improved clearing structure is a crucial element in further scaling and maintaining a superior API and GUI execution experience for our counterparties under the new model. Our participants can transact CLS and non-CLS currencies. Users can access bank and non-bank pricing, regional liquidity, specialised pricing pools, coupled with in-depth reporting to cater to a high level of competitiveness in today's FX landscape.” Manu Choudhary, CEO at DMALINK, stated: "The CCP model fits within DMALINK’s business restructuring plans and places us on a fast track to scale the business and introduce added market transparency and competitiveness, as well as long-term returns to our shareholders. This is an important step towards achieving our core objective of providing data-driven global institutional eFX services to existing and future collaborators." “Buy-side clients benefit from data insight not currently available across any other major ECN. Market makers and takers can use our technology to demonstrate compliance to local regulators”, added Ashwind Soonarane, Managing Partner at the data-centric ECN. For media enquiries, please contact: Media Room, DMALINK Tel: +44 (0) 20 7117 2517 Email: ABOUT DMALINK DMALINK is a data-centric ECN for professional Foreign Exchange traders streaming anonymous and bilateral, proactively tailored and sustainable pricing with particular focus on Emerging Markets, Scandie crosses and CE3. We serve industry leaders, including Banks, Funds, Corporates, and Proprietary Trading Firms who have a particular demand for sustainable liquidity access across non-G-7 pairs. For further information, please visit


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