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Follow on Investment 2022 (Seedrs)

Follow on EIS-compliant investment 2022

As requested by multiple existing Seedrs investors over the last weeks, we are opening the opportunity for follow-on EIS investment.


  • Follow-on investment will be recorded and reflected on the Seedrs campaign.

  • Investment can be paid to DMALINK directly.

  • Shareholders can be added to the shareholders agreement for amounts above £15,000.

  • Investment below £15,000 will be facilitated via the Seedrs Nominee shareholder structure.

Any investment is subject to Seedrs and DMALINK terms as per usual legal structure.

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EIS follow-on or fresh Investment
Please provide your information. We will reply with relevant next steps.

Please take the time to complete this questionnaire to enable us to reach out to you.
Support number: +44 (0) 20 7117 2517 #2. 
Follow-on investment is subject to Seedrs terms.
Your data is processed, stored and secured in accordance with our Privacy Policy and current ICO rules and guidelines.

Basic contact information (Part 1 of 2)

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