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FinTech Investment

Digital assets and foreign exchange e-trading for the exponential age

A FinTech Investment Opportunity

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An electronic trading platform made for institutions

As you may have read on The Armchair Trader, we are trailblazing a new path in the merger of traditional and digital assets. If you are interested in being part of our journey find below a brief summary of our businesses and an e-form to register interest in our upcoming series A raise. 


DMALINK is an independent electronic trading, analytics and market data venue for institutional FX traders globally. DMALINK serves industry leaders, including Banks, Funds, Corporates, and Proprietary Trading Firms who have a particular demand for sustainable liquidity access across non-G-7 pairs.
Competitive Advantage

DMALINK’s approach to innovation, execution optimisation, market fairness and transparency define its uniqueness. It has the first mover advantage of removing costs to liquidity providers on the platform. In addition, all liquidity pools are proactively constructed across key emerging markets, amongst others. Its platform participants benefit from advanced order analytics data, granular reporting. More importantly, DMALINK is amongst leading firms deploying benchmarked execution services to their participants.
DMALINK is one of the first companies to use true Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence in liquidity management, execution optimisation, market anomaly detection with predictive ability, and order anomaly detection and smart alpha-generating trade execution algos within the FX space.

DeFinity Markets

DeFinity is an institutional digital asset ECN and DeFi marketplace for digital assets and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). DeFinity is a layer-2 protocol with particular focus on interoperability with existing layer-1 blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Cardano and WeOwn. Harnessing the power of decentralisation within a strong regulatory framework, the firm is specifically geared towards the future support of central bank digital currencies and decentralised financial services for FX clearing.

Competitive advantage
DeFinity is uniquely positioned to take advantage of opportunities within the institutional digital asset space, including serving as a bridge for, and effecting transactions between, digital assets and traditional assets.
DeFinity has created the first ever use of deep learning AI-powered crypto-market anomaly detection. This is cutting-edge technology detects, and generates automated alerts on, irregular patterns in asset prices, which may be the result of undisclosed new information, ripple effects from correlated assets, or structural breaks in an asset’s behaviour versus the broader market. The AI technology can promptly discover these hidden market data aberrations, which would be otherwise be undetectable, and provide an early warning on imminent volatility events.

Transaction Rationale
FX Markets transact in milliseconds between Financial Institutions yet still settle in days using many layers of intermediation.  This is inefficient from a time, cost, certainty and capital perspective.
Digital Asset markets transact and clear in minutes but the infrastructure and counterparties in the market prohibit full Financial Institution adoption.  This restricts asset allocation and counterparty participation in spot markets and instead forces the use of derivatives.
The counterparties involved in these asset classes are seeking an enterprise grade solution that fulfills their financial, regulatory and operational requirements, across both asset classes individually and combined. We have an opportunity to combine DMALINK and DeFinity to create a more scalable and technologically advanced fiat and digital currency hybrid marketplace, the likes of which do not exist today.

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